Meet Blanca –
2020 – Spring Blogger

Hi, y’all—or should I say, bonjour à tous!

I’m Blanca, a second-year Computer Science major minoring in Industrial Design. When I’m not
studying, you’ll probably find me reading about all sorts of stories and perspectives, cooking (and eating) new foods, or pinning travel destinations and lifestyle inspirations to one of my 74
(and counting!) Pinterest boards.

I’m thrilled to be studying abroad at GTL this semester for a number of reasons, the first of which being that I can further my studies while continuing my favorite pastimes—except that here, I’ll actually be immersed in an entirely novel cultural environment. Instead of simply reading about different cultures, making subpar cacio e pepe in
my even more lackluster North Ave kitchen, or compiling a list of places to visit in the distant future, I can experience those cultures vividly firsthand, taste the authentic and multidimensional flavors of Europe for myself, and check both major tourist attractions and hidden architectural gems off of my “Places to go” board. Most of all, however, I’m looking forward to taking all of you along with me! Be prepared to listen to me wax lyrical about columns of the Corinthian order and describe traditional french delicacies in mouth-watering detail—in fact, by the time I’m done detailing each gossamer, buttery layer of pain au chocolat, my goal is for you to feel as though you’ve eaten it yourself.

In my first three semesters at Tech, I’ve learned more than I thought was possible, but the most
rewarding of it all has been learning about the lives and hometowns of my classmates and my
friends, who hail from all across the U.S.—and the globe. So, while I may enjoy learning LC-3
Assembly, I love it even more when my peers tell me about the landscapes of their hometowns
or introduce me to regional slang, because by sharing their diverse ideas and cultural habits,
little idiosyncrasies unique to their homes, they’ve offered me a peek into life in different cities,
states, and countries, as if I’ve actually lived there. Now, I have the opportunity to do the same!
This semester at GTL, I’m eager to discover new cultures and ways of life and to experience
them myself, but I’m even more excited to be able to share my journeys with you.