Meet Swati – Spring 2023 Blogger

Enchantée! I’m Swati, a third year Computer Science student at Georgia Tech! Storyteller. Memory-collector. People-watcher. Reader. Observer. I love learning new languages, drinking tea, writing, cooking, and exploring new places. Number one plan of business: find the local gems! Throughout my time in Europe I hope to catch some sunsets, visit some museums and historical sites, and stumble into some serendipitous adventure. I’m so excited to take you all along for the ride as I explore France and the nearby European landmass! Join me as I fumble my way through multiple countries where I have an elementary proficiency of the languages, navigate my early twenties on a new continent, and try to soak up the opportunity of a lifetime! As the French say, Ce n’est pas la mer à boire (It’s not as if you have to drink the sea. Yes, I looked that up). Here’s to taking baby steps and starting now!