5 Cures for Boredom on a Cross-Country Train Ride

Sleep. Play cards. Have a discussion. Write. Do nothing. Repeat. Are we there yet?

Posted by Ije

1. Sleep.

gty_man_sleeping_on_train_thg_111208_wmainWhat better time to catch up on some Z’s? Especially on those 13 hour cross-country trips. Train seats may be a bit uncomfortable, but plug your ears up to some peaceful tunes, lean against a window or head rest, and you’ll dose off in no time.

2.  Play Cards.playing-cards

The amount you can do with one deck of cards is endless. Play a series of fun, competitive games with friends. Your trip will fly by in no time. A handful of exciting card games include Spades, Go Fish, Tunk, Thirteen, and Speed.


3.  Write.

Write journal entries on past weekend trips. Reflect on your time at GTL. Use this extended amount of time to write down your thoughts and look back in retrospect. You’ll thank yourself months from now back home.

4. Have a discussion. Now_Were_Talking2

Take time to get to know your friends and fellow classmates. Talk about politics. Relationships. Life Events. Discussions can spark a lot of thought, and are great way to share your opinions while learning from others.

dsc_16195.  Do Nothing.

Rest. Look out of the train window. Observe beautiful scenery, and take in everything around you. Moments like these will be some of your best while abroad.