RA Profile: Meet Adrienne Dooley!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an RA at Georgia Tech-Lorraine? Find out here!

Name: Adrienne Dooley10154526_637210376332590_830590590_n

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Redding, CT

What residence hall are you an RA in? Lafayette

Why did you choose to be an Resident Assistant?

My PLs freshmen year were amazing and really helped everyone on our hall get to know each other and transition to college life. I applied to be an RA so I could have the opportunity to provide support in Metz like I received in Atlanta. I also wanted to work on further developing leadership skills.

Were you a Resident Assistant before hand, or is this your first time?

This is my first time as an RA.

What are the benefits of being an RA? Are they worth it?

One of the greatest benefits of being an RA so far has been the opportunity to meet most of the undergrads at GTL through normal duty rounds and events the RAs have hosted as well as provide support. The position has also allowed me to develop leadership and supportive skills. I enjoy being an RA and definitely believe it is worth it.

Describe what a typical day is like when on duty.

Duty starts at 8 pm Monday – Thursday, although one of the RAs will always have the phone in case of emergencies. I usually start by walking around each floor of each building in Lafayette where GT undergrads live. The rounds provide an opportunity to talk with residents about any concerns with the dorm as well as to trade travel tips. Between 8-12 I’m available in Lafayette if needed, and I’m usually doing homework or planning for the weekend. I also do a second walk-through of Lafayette later at night.

Does being an RA affect your travel plans? Can you travel on the weekend?

I can definitely travel on the weekends! Traveling just involves a little more planning when looking at the semester as a whole so I can plan longer trips for weeks when I don’t have duty on Thursday night.  

What has been your favorite travel destination at GTL so far?

One of my favorite travel destinations was Bern, Switzerland. On the second day we were there we took a funicular up the Gurten, a close-by mountain. Walking around the top (which was a mini sledding and ski slope) provided us with amazing views of the city of Bern as well as the Jura mountain range and the Alps. The prevalence of ornate fountains and chocolate stores throughout the city also helped make Bern one of my favorite cities to visit.

Thanks for the interview Adrienne!