Buzz: The World’s Best Travel Buddy

Buzz has made his way to GTL – and he enjoys traveling for study breaks, too! Check out where he went with Harry this past weekend.

Posted by Harry

Hi there! I was recently introduced to the Georgia Tech mascot, Buzz, for the first time (I’m a Dukie, so don’t point fingers). As a personal motto that I just came up with, I’d like to say “there’s no better way to get to know someone than to travel with them.” Following my own advice, I decided to take Buzz out on some of my weekend adventures!*

Stop 1: Nancy, France

Photo courtesy of Jack Livingston.

Here we have Buzz with 5 Duke students (the irony is very real) and one of Buzz’s family members who has been idolized enough in this area to have a trimmed hedge in their honor. Buzz told me this was his brother-in-law’s-second-cousin’s-fifth-removed-uncle’s-father. I believe him.

Stop 2: Strasbourg, France

When we took Buzz to Strasbourg the next day, we almost lost him. The cathedral in the center of town immediately caught his eye and he flew to the top! Luckily for us, we found some stairs as well so we could join him up there. Check him out below!


A before and after shot of Buzz before he flew up to the top of the Strasbourg Cathedral.

Honestly, this weekend with Buzz was amazing. He’s definitely the best travel companion I’ve had up to date (no offense to anyone that I’ve traveled with!). He’s always got a smile on his face, never complains, and open to any and every idea. Thanks for a great weekend, Buzz.

*If you’d like to take Buzz out on travels and have a couple pictures taken, sneak a peek inside Katia Menard-Pons’s office, first door on the left of the administrations hall, to show him around!