The Semester For You 

Written by Valerie

If you are considering studying at Georgia Tech-Europe or any other study abroad program, picking the right semester for yourself is important. There are many things to evaluate, such as your classes, extracurriculars, career opportunities, etc. I am a little biased toward the fall semester as the ideal semester to go abroad to GTE, but I would like to discuss all the options. 

The summer semester is the most popular semester for students attending GTE according to my program director. The lack of conflict with the traditional fall and spring semesters is very appealing. Additionally, you only have to be enrolled in a minimum of 10 credit hours which means you have a smaller workload to balance as you travel. The summer semester is also shorter than any of the other semesters, meaning it’s a shorter time commitment if you don’t want to be away from home that long. Separate from school, the weather is always warm and sunny during that season, which is perfect for the amount of time you will be spending outside. 

In the spring semester, you get to start with winter and then end with the spring season, which could be a nice transition and an incredible way to start the new year. All the flowers will begin to bloom, and it will be warm and colorful all around as May approaches. In terms of academics, a different set of courses could be offered in the spring that are specific to that semester, but course offerings can vary every year. To be able to enjoy a semester filled with schoolwork and travel then go back home to enjoy summer vacation would be a great way to reset. 

Lastly, there is the fall semester — the best semester in my opinion. You have plenty of time to prepare for the start of the semester since you are coming in from summer vacation. The weather is nice and warm but not too hot since the months of intense heat have already come and gone. You get to enjoy traveling without the huge crowds of tourists visiting Europe, which often make the prices of accommodations and flights very expensive. You can see what Europe is like at the very end of the summer, the entirety of fall, and just a little of what the beginning of the winter season looks like. I am a huge fan of the holidays, and Europe is riddled with heavily decorated streets and holiday markets. There is a vast selection of picturesque destinations that will make you feel like you are in a Christmas Hallmark movie, such as a ski resort in Switzerland or a chimney cake stand at a Christmas market in Budapest. 

Regardless of the semester you choose, you will have the time of your life. Enjoy the moment and do what is best for you and your journey.