Meet Serena! – Spring 2024 Blogger!

Written by Serena Khan, Spring 2024 GTE Blogger

Hey there! My name is Serena Khan. I am a recent transfer student from Georgia State University. My major is Business Administration with a concentration in IT management at the Scheller College of Business. I am currently navigating my academic journey while also attempting to pursue my passions!

Fashion is my playground! I thoroughly enjoy curating outfits and love to play around and change up my style whenever I get the chance. When I’m not doing schoolwork, you’ll also find me immersed in various types of cinema, ranging from classics to the latest releases. Recently, my brother and I have been bonding over the animated gems of Studio Ghibli, including Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.

As I make my way to France, I eagerly anticipate watching my younger brother, (my favorite person ever), showcase his soccer skills in Drancy, France. This adventure also opens up the opportunity to delve into the rich fashion culture of France as well as other fashion capitals like Milan, Italy. Another destination I can’t wait to travel to is Amsterdam. As a nightlife enthusiast, it’ll be exciting to see what Amsterdam has to offer.

Join me as I share my adventures, from soccer matches in Drancy to fashion explorations in Italy, and the electric nightlife of Amsterdam!