The Garden

Written by Valerie

From my window, I have a clear view of the garden behind the Lafayette Residences. There are a few picnic tables where anyone can sit and enjoy some time outside. While the weather was still warm, I would often go outside, sit at one of those picnic tables, and do some schoolwork. It quickly became my favorite study spot. Now that my nose gets runny from the cold every time that I spend more than ten minutes outside, I can no longer enjoy that study spot as I did before. 

One day when I was studying outside at that spot, I decided to take a brief break and walk around the garden. Everything ranging from vegetables to colorful flowers grows in there. As I was inspecting the flora, I stumbled upon an interesting sight. There lay a small green tomato atop a dainty purple flower. The flower almost looked like a pillar holding the tomato up in the air. It was hands down one of the funniest coincidences I have seen in nature, so of course I had to take a picture of it. 

Even though it’s no Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, or other sight that has people flocking to snap a picture, there is beauty in it. As students studying abroad, we see some of the greatest wonders the world has to offer. Historical landmarks, religious architecture, and unique geological formations are among some of the weekly sights we encounter. The bar for what we deem ‘impressive’ may be raised continuously as we go through our semester abroad. 

Every time I look, or even think, about the image of the tomato placed perfectly on top of the flower, I am reminded not to forget to admire the beauty and wonder in the little things. It doesn’t always have to be something like a 1,083 ft. tall tower that sparks our interest. Just like the saying goes, “There is beauty in everything around us,” it is only a matter of recognizing it. 

While everything we have seen on our journey here has left a lasting impression on all of us, we will be back home soon. We will have to continue life and live the parts of it where we will be surrounded by different environments. Those constantly changing environments will provide us with another multitude of things to admire. The real privilege is in being able to stop and have these moments. Taking some time to gaze at the stars seems mundane and common since we could, in theory, do it every night. However, you wouldn’t want to be in a regretful situation where you look up and can’t see them.